Andy Rad

Managing Partner & Chief
Investment Officer

Andy retired financially secure at age 55, after 32 years with Hewlett-Packard, where he functioned as a Quality Engineer, Computer Information System Engineer, and Program/Release Manager. He and his wife, Julie, followed the Dave Ramsey principles long before they ever heard of Dave; that is, they utilized the cash envelope budget system shortly after college, lived below their means and invested the difference. Reading Dave’s book “Total Money Makeover” was like reading a biography of their life’s money principles.

Andy managed his own investments, but required an independent advisor to access the alternatives market. This is where he began his relationship with Legacy Wealth Management several years prior. Upon retirement, he desired to continue doing what he enjoyed and that was investing, keeping up on tax changes, and helping others. However, now he is not only investing his own funds but bringing clients alongside him. Andy seldom puts clients into something he doesn’t own. He prefers alternatives investments and spends a fair amount of time traveling while performing “due diligence”. He looks for investments that he feels comfortable putting his money in. His clients appreciate that he’s investing in the same assets he recommends.

Andy’s clients are receiving sophisticated and objective planning of their investments, while earnestly listening to and meeting their individual goals. He strives to provide the highest level of service, as well as client experience, by satisfying their individual financial needs.

Andy and his wife, Julie, were married in 1978. They enjoy spending time outdoors on extended backpacking and day hike trips, snowshoeing, and quality time with family, their 3 children, and 5 grandsons. They are also getting acquainted with some of the “Snowbird” experiences. Along with backpacking, he enjoys wood working and metal working on his CNC lathe and mill.