Acen Hansen

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Wealth Advisor

Acen grew up in a small farm town in Idaho. He came to Boise to attend Boise State, where he played rugby and got his Bachelor’s Degree and graduated with High Honors. Prior to joining Legacy, Acen was a Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual.

He loves working as a Wealth Advisor at Legacy, because he enjoys helping his clients plan and prepare their future in such a way that they don’t ever need to stress about the economic environment, because they know that they’ve taken the necessary proactive steps to have the means to create the future they want.

When not at work, you will find Acen at home with his wife, Larie, their young son, Abram, and their dog, Payton. Acen serves in the presidency in the young men’s program in his church.

For recreation, Acen enjoys playing sports, and is determined to find the best restaurant in Boise. You will find Acen at home with his wife, Larie, their children, Abram and Evelyn, and their dog, Payton.

Additional Info:

Fantasy Job: Astronaut

Secret Talent: Can sing so poorly, your ears will bleed.

Favorite Vacation: Week up at the family cabin up in the mountains

Favorite Book: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Best Financial Advice Ever Received: That which you withhold diminishes; that which you share multiplies.

Describe Your Personality In One Sentence: All in.

Place You’d Most Like To Visit: Edinburgh, Scotland

Item On Your Bucket List: Skydive over Switzerland

Biggest Accomplishment: Convincing the greatest woman in the world to marry me, and somehow managing to keep her around.