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A boutique wealth management firm guiding high net worth individuals and families to financial success

Financial Team Leadership

You need a captain. We coordinate your plan by working with your team of financial professionals to ensure your objectives are met.

Investment Management

Dedicated to proactive advice, transparent communication and, most importantly, your interests

Institutional Investment Opportunities

Providing access to invest side by side with the wealthiest in the world.

The Legacy Mission

To manage and preserve wealth utilizing advanced strategies; consistently striving to exceed your expectations, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your life.

Our Specialties

Cashflow Management

You’ve worked hard for your money. Now you want to keep it.
We help clients keep more of the money they earn by helping them run their finances like a business does. We coach them on how to track their expenses and maintain a discipline to their budget so that they aren’t left wondering where their money went at the end of the year when the tax man cometh. This can sometimes be accomplished without clients reducing their standard of living or noticing a shift in their way of life.

Just by taking a disciplined approach at analyzing their costs with a fine-toothed comb we can ensure they aren’t overpaying for everyday goods and services.

High Net Worth Individuals & Families

You have your wealth for a reason; you’re disciplined with your money, and you know it’s important not to lose it.
At Legacy Wealth we help make sure you keep your money and develop a plan so you know exactly where that money is going, whether you use it in this life or not. We are very adept at helping create a will, trust, and estate plan so that your legacy can continue to live on.

To accomplish this we use a variety of tools, notably, our Retail Endowment Model™ and Integrated Options Portfolio strategies, both of which are designed to minimize risks while maximizing potential returns.

Business Owners

Business owners have a lot of hurdles to clear. They’re a target for everyone who has something to sell. They require a lot of time, effort, and resources to grow and scale their businesses, and they often don’t receive the assistance they deserve from their financial professionals.
We help business owners understand the timing and strategy to offer benefits for their employees so that there’s some glue in the seats, and there isn’t a revolving door for positions in the company. We help them plan proactively with business continuation and succession planning so that the owner will get full value out of their business when they are ready to ride off into the sunset, and the successor is provided with the best situation to make sure this business doesn’t die with the old owners.

Healthcare Professionals

Our firm has worked with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. We understand the industry and the values held by providers.
We help our healthcare clients with ideas and strategies to run their practice more efficiently. We structure our providers’ investment portfolio in such a way that they are diversified away from the goons on Wall Street, and structure their portfolios to minimize exposure to Big Pharma and other industries that are incongruent with the healthcare lifestyle.

Our clients can rest easy knowing that they aren’t supporting the industries they don’t believe in, and that their portfolio value won’t be tossed about with every news cycle.

Market Commentary

Tax Hikes: Bad, But Bearable

Tax Hikes: Bad, But Bearable

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Monetary Muddle

Monetary Muddle

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Still No Recession

Still No Recession

To many investors, this week’s GDP report is more important than usual. The reason is that real GDP declined in thefirst quarter and might have declined again in Q2. If so, this could mean two straight quarters of negative growth, which isthe rule of thumb definition...






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